Earth’s Balance in a Bottle of Water

I’ve thought of it since yesterday and though I knew I Knew the meaning of my dream/meditation/parallel reality experience the moment I saw this image it fell into place. Let me start form the beginning…

Was in need of a nap but I also had go get my kid in an hour time so I went to lie down  and asked Spirit to please wake me up when it was time in case I fell asleep.  I rarely fall asleep on my back and that’s why I choose that position, and when I feel tired I usually only need to meditate in that position for lets say half an hour and my energy comes back. That was kinda my purpose… not Spirits’ I guess.

Not only did I indeed fall asleep but I also woke up many times wanting to change position to rest better, but was prevented by a bottle of water I was holding on my chest. The bottle was full to it’s top and had no tap so I could only actually move my feet a bit to get more comfortable (I didn’t find it weird at the moment that I was actually laying down and holding a full bottle without tap and not spilling a drop!). Anyway, I don’t know how many times I “woke up” till I finally decided, by looking outside the window to check time-sun, it was time to get up and go get the kid. I slowly put the bottle aside, making absolutely sure I did not spill a drop, and finally moved to get blood back to my body! And then it hit me!

Why on earth way I holding a full bottle and where did the bottle come from?? I turned to looked at the bottle… no bottle. Oh boy! Hey wait a second I just put it right here! Baffled! At that point of course it all seemed just part of a pretty weird dream but… I was awake when I put the bottle aside! I know I was! Or not? Am I awake now? Well that looked pretty much like it but then where was my bottle, and why was I holding it?

The only Feeling I was absolutely sure of was that no drop could be spilled from it! Perfect Balance had to be kept. Why? What did it represent? Water represents emotions but why was it so important not to spill it? I remember the feeling of being a weight that was keeping a sort of perfect balance and that any spill of it could create big changes… somewhere.

Now look at the image and guess what we’re doing right now? I don’t know where you live but so far rain, snow, tornados (made of clouds which are water too in a sense!), flooding are just a daily issue for most of the planet at the moment. We all know that we’re undergoing a massive Earth Cleansing and that all those aware are participating in it one way or another… and that is the Balance we all create together. We’re helping it be perfect for as it has to Be. Not too much (or people would not be able to catch up), not too little (or we’d not be able to transmute illusion into reality as it is released).

That is what my image meant. We’re all holding our bottle of water in balance. And it is the perfect amount to keep us aware of it’s importance and remind us all to keep a constant eye on our (inner) balance. And I’d say we’re doing pretty good so far 🙂 So just keep it up going in Love and Peace and follow your Heart. There’s pretty much to BE!

Love, you.


BECAUSE IT SPEAKS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF LIFE Sacred Geometry is not Art, Sacred Geometry Is the very Essence of Life itself. It is the Seed and the Tree, the Fruit and the Whole Being. It is Art and the Artist. It is the Language and the Letters. It Is the nothing from where it all comes and the All that resides in that nothing. Sacred Geometry Is. You, me, all. It is beyond Art… it is the Laws by which Art (Life) exists. Engage with it to engage with and you engage with the Whole.

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