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To all my faithful subscribers…

I never expected to even have subscribers when I first started writing, I simply needed a place where to express my feelings and inner knowings. My path… that was shared. And I deeply and sincerely appreciate it with all my Heart.

Since I spent the last months moving… moving house, country, continent in fact (!) and some few more things including a joyful marriage ( ūüėČ !!) I did not write a lot in my blog… BUT… I did never give up my art of Life as I call it. I simply had no time to express it here, I was called to Live it. And Life proved me that going Inside does, literally, make a huge difference. And I Am happy for every step Inside I have done, for every weird experience and even for the hard ones, the new friends and the old ones, those I met and those that have yet to come, my yes and my no…

I say this because during this period I started putting into “real life” some other aspects of my art and created a website. I moved my blog onto that website that is www.soulalkemy.com.

I have a blog where I more or less write as I did here and on top of that I offer my.art and share other thoughts I feel resonate with me. Lets say I enlarged my.Self.

As you will not receive a notice when I post a new blog I thought of moving my subscribers list so that I can keep you updated. I will send out once in a while though and not every time i post, especially now as I am still updating the site as it would be too much. If you feel you do not want to stay subscribed you can easily unsubscribe as soon as you receive my first email. Some are only following the blog but I do not have your email, if you would like to continue to follow you can subscribe again on Soulalkemy

I thank all of you again, as well as anyone that was following this blog in any way. Please bear with us and feel free to comment, here or on my new website www.soulalkemy.com, as usual any comment is sincerely appreciated.

Love, you ūüėČ

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Full-fill YourSelf -cause you are human-

…and humans want to BE with other humans. At least in their hearts, not so much in their minds. The mind is usually pretty damaged by adolescence, especially now. By damaged it is meant that a not so deep comfort is felt regarding trust in other human beings. And it is comprehensible to say the least.

That makes it easier to believe, if you ever get into “spiritual stuff”, that you do not need any other human being, that not only do you fulfill yourself but you¬†have to do so on your own. If you feel “more” complete with other humans that means you are simply not evolved enough.


So why did we incarnate as humans in first place? And why so many? Could we not do something a bit more… lonely? Was it all about being born among a ton of other beings only to learn how to get away from them? Only to go back to our Source and Soul which, by the way, is where we came from?

Is this all about just going back from where we came? Then why did we came in the first place? It’s like going mad to pack and buy tickets and fly to the other side of the planet with 20 connecting flights and flying through hurricanes… only to go back once you get there.

May be, we did come for a reason, may be, we came¬†to accomplish something while¬†not¬†being simply Spirit? May be to accomplish something¬†while being human beings? And maybe, just maybe, we came en masse to do it… together? Learning to Love each other, support each other, learn from each other… learn what is¬†means to¬†be a human being? And while learning that also learn not to kill each other, or lie to each other and respect each other… ¬†Cause humans were born with a bias: the sin, forgetfulness.

Master emotions, feelings, pain, trust, happiness, love, joy, dreams, loss, confusion, hope, anger… up and down the mountain just to find out there is no goal, only¬†Journey.¬†

The Journey of discovery.

Discovery of how far a fractal of God can go from itself and how long it takes for it to come back to its consciousness. Then spread to all fractals and then yes, BEcomes a One again.

Master being a Human Being and it’s amazing kaleidoscopic features! Master the fear of others hurting you. Master falling in Love with another human being¬†while remaining in yourself AND your Love. Master the duality of thoughts and actions till they are fused as one. Master the drive that pushes the soul Home by finding Home into the Self¬†and others. Master the given Body that communicates with your world. Master the mind and re-awakening consciousness of Spirit and still don’t¬†loose your being Human. Cause to Be Spirit you need do nothing.


Deep integration. Not isolation.

For you ether believe that the human being was created wrong, thus you try to correct it following whatever belief you choose to follow… OR.


OR you believe it is born the way it is meant to be. But that means you accept it the way it is. You accept its feelings, emotions, fears, forgetfulness, wonders, abilities, deep love and desires; it means you accept its humanness. And still are capable of seeing its Soul. Its eternal, ever being, wonder full Soul.

Ether way it’s fine, for you are human. Even if only a momentary host of a fraction of eternity. So whatever you chose is your path.

But if you ever feel lonely, know there are other parts of you out here, right here, on this very planet, waiting to share this earth experience with you. Ready to share this human journey with you. There are many out here. For all levels and grades of being.

One of Gods’ Masterpieces!

The lonely paths have been mastered in the past, you have them in you already as what one does all have done. Now lets Master humanity as a whole.

Ready for the ride?

Love, You

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Sound Healing – Singing with the Uni_Verse


Our consciousness creates the notes but our body(s) are the instruments! Take care of both and enjoy your Divine music!

You are a song. Divine Music that defines your particular notes is constantly emitted by your being. Your movements, thoughts, words, feelings and emotions create waves in and around your physical body. And the waves are huge. Cause you are huge, in truth.

Your music creates colors and shades of different light-spectrums, the speed at which you’re vibrating at any given moment… creates seas of rainbows… or shadows.

Shadows emerge when light is all absorbed and not reflected back. It’s all eaten up, in forgetfulness that only by co-creating LIFE is enhanced. That is what creates the perceived darkness. Compressed light. Those waves do not vibrate in balance and harmony, they are disrupted by fear, anger, loneliness, lack of ability to feel (reflect) Love.

Good vibrations create harmony and health, they exchange information in and out of the physical realm as they are entangled beyond what we see. Bad vibrations on the other hand entangle lack of information and thus dis-harmony, dis-ease, in-ability to enhance LIFE.

Both kinds of vibration can influence each other but the music that is mostly played by the planet is the one that is heard and shared most. That is the sum of the collective consciousness. That is why it’s so easy to “resonate” with like-minded people and so hard to resonate with extremely different ones. Cause you are a resonating field of sound. And with sound-vibrations you can heal.

Yourself, others, the planet.

With earth-music, energy techniques, visualization, intent AND physical actions as the cells that create a body are those that make the “hard job” and need to be able to do so. They listen to vibration too… you can tell them to heal but if you treat them badly day after day they will get confused as you will be asking them to sing two opposite songs.

Check your thoughts, your actions, your desires… the more they all play the same music, the more your Whole Being will play the most harmonious and Divine Music.

You are a wave in the Uni_verse of Love. Allow yourself to Flow into the JoyFull rainbow of Creation.

Love, You.

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The ArtWork of ‘past lives’

Divine @work

Divine @work


Every life a different color, texture, sound.

You feel they’re “out there”, somewhere, in the past, in “other lives”…

But it’s you. All of you. An artwork of GOD. Such beauty in you that it’s barely possible to discern one color/tone (life) from another one. They make up the picture that is the you you are experiencing now. It is your life, your Now Moment, expression of human and spiritual Self.

As you cannot separate Love in smaller compartment so you cannot break up your human existence in smaller “lives” ether. You can get the gist of it, intuitions, small parts of what is in you all the time but you cannot separate it from what you Are.

Different life expressions and experiences are quantum. Humans tend to look at them in a linear way but they are Now as well as “then”. For they Are and evolve as you evolve exactly as the painting evolves while the painter adds and changes colors. It does not change only one spot, it changes the whole picture!

That is what you do by evolving, growing, learning, remembering, re-uniting with your Self Consciousness.

It’s an artwork of Love. And you are both the brush and the canvas as well as the observer. So as you are a unique color in the bigger canvas of earth and the human race.

Blessed be your drawing ūüėČ

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Ask and you shall receive

Ask and you shall receiveHow often have you heard or read this sentence? How many have told you to simply “ask, and you shall¬†receive”.¬†And you wondered… why am I not getting what I asked for? Why, if I so deeply believe in it? And how many have shown¬†you -or at least told you-¬†how it works and what it really means beyond the linear 3D human mind? What is meant with “ask, and you shall receive.

For it is not the new car you asked for, nor the new job or your twin flame… or even the real enlightenment or ascension… it is more, much more than that. It is The Path to manifest it that is being put in front of you, and that is The Real Gift you receive.

And so often miss.

For you’re not looking for it. You’re not looking for the potential to manifest a dream or a wish, you’re not used to it anymore as you live in the time of supermarket and eCommerce. You want something… you get it. But not with Spirit. Spirit gives you all you need to¬†manifest¬†it. Because you are the one that has to learn how powerful¬†you are. GOD already knows that. And you will not learn it unless you do it and see it by yourself. If an angel appeared to you telling you: “your new job starts on monday at this address” would you BE more that day? You would know angels exist but… you already know that.

But imagine if you were so open to see that being fired and meeting someone at that caffe because your girlfriend sent you out to cool off was a push in the direction of a new job… of your DREAM job… imagine if you kept yourself open enough to talk to that person about LIFE and what you both LOVE instead of feeling sorry for your bad luck and talking about how unfair life is… that person was your new contact because you both LOVE the same things… but you will never know it because… you were angry! Angry that after asking for a better job you EVEN LOST THE ONE YOU HAD!

Yes… you lost it to be put you into your new potential. To allow a new synchronicity to manifest¬†for you.

With your relations, your family, your job, your home… with whatever you’re “loosing”… you made a choice to manifest something better. Somehow. From you.

Maybe you want to ascend, but things are getting so hard! People are leaving you and you are loosing all you knew… well, did you not ask for it? Did you not ask to live the ascension process? And what is it if not a new vibrational state and thus a new consciousness state and thus a new way of living? And how can you live in a complete new way by holding on to all you had in your old life? It simply cannot happen. It would be an oxymoron. And you could not achieve what you asked to achieve as in order to achieve it you have to learn to Master every aspect of your Life. One after the other one. And that is amazing! And that is YOU doing it, step by step!

GOD-Spirit-YourSelf is not mean with you by not giving you a pre-finished gift. It gives you much more than that. It gives you the power  to manifest it by Mastering your Life given the potentials to do it.

Winning the lottery might look cool, but if you want to achieve Mastery you might want to Master abundance in every aspect of Life. A lottery win might make you rich with money but learning to Master abundance makes you Rich Inside! It’s simply a matter of what you want. But once you choose do not get surprised if you stop winning the lottery ūüėČ

That is the REAL GIFT that already LIVES IN YOU.

Love, You.

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What is the point in living life?


What is the point I wonder… if the only reason seems to be to leave! Pardon me but I do not get it. I keep seeing and listening to people that say they’re done with this life (so called spiritual people, light workers, shaman, way showers…) and more than anything that they will never come back once they leave.

I have news for you: You will come back. You will actually¬†run back! Not because you’re nuts but because you spent ages in co-creating this amazing change, this almost unbelievable evolution of human kind, of a whole planet and beyond and you will not want to miss it for anything in the whole universe! For the whole universe for you is right here and right now. And the fact you still cannot remember it means you still cannot¬†trust yourself!!

Because you, you, yes you are the one that choose to come. The fact that you got  a bit sidetracked while here and started believing your soul had been taken over by some beings agains GOD (which does not make an inch of sense by itself given that GOD is all that IS) and were put here against your will is only a little delay in your own schedule. But you can fix this is a matter of seconds if you so choose. By getting into that sacred space you only know and you only can reach that is the GOD IN YOU.

Believing you were kidnapped or punished means you still do not comprehend the way a soul, a spirit, GOD and this whole universe functions. Which is fine. There is no rule that says you have to. But it would become easier for you if you started trusting your self and your real intuition instead of getting constantly lost into what is written and talked about in fear based circles that mimic exactly that what they want to get rid of.


This simple statement should already be enough for you to know. To under_stand. TO re_member your SELF. Your LOVE. Your SACREDNESS. Thus the sacredness of ALL BEINGS.

Things are moving¬†fast now. The choice that has been made on the planet has placed all of it into new perceptions fractals and thus all you think becomes real faster… you see it sooner. Watch your thoughts or if you keep asking to leave you might do so. But I can tell you for sure you would do so only to jump back in as soon as you get to the other side. Because you came to BE THE CHANGE and SEE THE CHANGE. Right here, right Now, right out of You!

To hold on when all seems to crumble, to learn new ways of balance when the old ones can’t keep you steady. To enhance your sight when it appears to become darker and to remember yourself you always have two hands at your disposal. With one you can reach out to get help, and with one you can reach out to give help. It is the chain that creates the unity that will crumble all boundaries.

Be patient. GOD is patient. It happens not in one day even if it can happen in one thought. Be what you expect. Then re-think and again Be what you expect. Give what you expect and take (yes take) what you expect. It’s a matter of balance. And of truth. And the Truth is you are transparent and eternal in the eyes of LOVE.

Love, You.

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The Silence of LOVE



The best distinction I can think of that describes LOVE vs ego is the Silence the first one brings and the noise the second one creates.

LOVE is Silent! And so is anything done out of LOVE, or with LOVE, or In LOVE. For LOVE does not need explanations, it needs no one to validate it or believe in it and is not done out of expectations as LOVE IS. It needs no one to congratulate or to write about it, nor does it talk about itself. It IS. And that for LOVE is ALL that counts. To BE.  And let all that is LOVE BE!

It prays for you and you will never know it. And you will pray for others and never tell them. It knows it IS the substance of all that IS and needs nothing more than itSELF. It already communicates with all of CREATION. That is why it needs no validation. And no explanation. It IS ONE with GOD.

If someone takes hours of his or her time trying to explain how good he or she is, if someone needs you to validate his or her state of being, living, talking or behaving… LOVE them silently and ask GOD to help them see their own way. They are traveling their path. And that is the way it is.

We are travelers on hidden ground. That is why we were given that forgetfulness blanket that has been called ego. A thought system that describes (to yourself!) how you are and who you are. Something everyone is scared to lose as it is the “earth-navigation-system” , it is the very thing that hides GOD In YOU from YOU. Earth could not exists without that in the way it is. And that very thing that humans believe being¬†them is in fact only the one that always screams! Once the True Self is Seen… it is Seen in Silence and Awe!

Ego wants -and¬†needs– to prove its point. It needs to prove it is alive all the time. It even needs to tell everyone how cool it is and how it does not exist! Otherwise you would try to get rid of it. But you will not if it tells you it is not here… Get the point?

It tells others and yourself how it is not here and it tells others and yourself how amazing it is until it has to show how humble it is and how unworthy it is… always using loud words or actions. Always in front of a public that LISTENS! It NEEDS to be heard… for it NEEDS validation. In any way it happens!

LOVE does not. Never. And it truly does not give a shit if no one on the whole planet knows what it has done for someone or something. It gives and shares as it is in its own nature. And if someone attacks LOVE or tries to take advantage of It or gets angry with LOVE… guess what… LOVE moves on. There’s a whole crowd of beings on the planet right now, this very precise moment, waiting to get an ounce of LOVE from anyone.

You can make their day!

Simply send it out and give it freely to SPIRIT. It knows where it is needed most. Simply give your Pure Intention to share a bit of the LOVE you are with someone you don’t even know. Out of Pure LOVE. SPIRIT will know.

Simply LOVE in silence and think twice when you find yourself talking loudly to make your point… maybe it is not even necessary?! May Be it is THE day to simply BE.

Love, YOU

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What if The Christ would come for dinner?



What would you do with your house? How would you present it? What would you have for dinner, even if you are scarse of food? Would you have things look nice or would you complain for not having enough?

How would you dress and present yourself? Would you look after yourself for the occasion? Get the best you have or just do your everyday stuff?

Would you invite friends, family, neighbors? Or would you stay alone?

And what would you talk about? Would you feel at ease with someone that all ways KNOWS all you are thinking? Even all that you might hide to your self? Will you feel comfortable? Or would you feel looked IN TO and try to hide, or even sent the Christ away out of fear of begin seen?

Whatever your answers have been… look at them and ponder them. For The Christ comes for dinner every day of your life. And for breakfast and lunch. And for your night and morning. It is the light you shine and the potential of your BEing. It is IN you.


It only needs to be invited.

Whatever you would do for “him”… do it for YOU. As YOU ARE IT.

Love, You.

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The Love entanglement of your many Self


It is a Dance, a Dance of Love. Pure Love. For Love is the only Key needed to access your Self, to Be beyond the illusionary veil between you and You. For Love has a specific Harmonic that is the cornerstone of all Creation. That is why it opens ALL doors. Even those that do not exist. What a Miracle is this!

So what does it mean to become MultiDimensional? To re-Member your many Self? To Dance with them? With You? It means to cross the Bridge of linearity and step into your MultiDimensional nature. Which you are becoming. Right Now.

It means that once you fall in Love with your self so deeply that you understand that you are part of GOD -Creation, Prime Source- you open the Doors to your many self. ¬†Self that are known as past lives and Self known to be behind the veil. And you do not need to remember a past life in order to retrieve from it what you need right now. Your DNA knows. It knows what you want and will bring it to you. Once you claim it. Once you know you deserve it and are worth it. That means… once you LOVE yourself enough to claim your Heritage. As it cannot happen until you hang on to a linear believe of time, space and separation. For being the creator you are you would only re-create time, space and separation.

But you are much more. You are all you have ever been and you are all of this right now. And right now is the moment you can claim it. It is called Akash, or DNA. Your information record. Your personal memory book where all you are and have been as a human being IS. And you are free to choose to use it to serve you. Now. For in the quantum state the DNA is, ALL you are, all is entangled as one information. All you have ever learned, known, been, is written in your quantum DNA. All of it. Ask, and you shall be given.

It is not a 3dimensional process, it is a quantum process.

What is known as your Akash is not hidden somewhere mysterious, you wear it and it is with you all the time. It knows why your body is the way it is and why you have the fears you have, why you find some things easy and others challenging… it (you) has all the information you need. And you will know it by Loving Yourself so much as to understand you are not a single entity but an amazing being connected to all that is. Part of GOD as GOD is part of You.

If you need to change something in your life, if you want to gain wisdom you¬†feel you already have, if you want to heal something concerning your body… ask your DNA to retrieve the information it contains, what has been gained in all your lives and use it! Do not confuse it by telling it¬†what to do. Let it do the work. It has been with you since the first time you incarnated. It KNOWS. It is¬†your book and your information. It is what you bring back and forth with you. That is why, once you remember you are MultiDimensional Being in this present body, it will facilitate your process.

What happened for instance 1200 years ago is still in the quantum as if it is happening now. There is no time in the quantum. Whatever wisdom, experience or knowledge you gained is ever present.  Ask your DNA to express that information right here and now. For you are in charge. You are the Master of your present life.

And then let it unfold.

It will not be like a new dress you will simply wear. Rather you will be given opportunities to weave those abilities and knowledge through the experiences you will live. That is the magnificence of who you are. For you are a co-creator and in charge of your Life.

Take it. Live it. Enhance it with so much LOVE for your self that you will shine for everyone you come close to. And they too will See. A Door. That leads through to the other side of darkness.

Be Love, Be All, Be Blessed.


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Ever wondered what the Tree of Life represents?



All the many You that share a Soul (the trunk) and experience hundreds of lives (the leaves).

And the Soul you’re a fractal of is simply your Higher Self. The You that is not split into all the pieces, the You that Sees and OverSees all at once. The You that is never on this side of the veil and at the same time always is.

Still You.

It all Is You.

And it is quantum.

At least all that part of You that is not currently living a 3dimensional life. And that can  be a part of you that is actually living in your body right now. As you are becoming quantum too. So there are parts of you, the very you that is reading these words right now, that are quantum and parts that are not yet.

How is that possible?

Cause humanity is EVOLving!

Every time you feel Joy in the most challenging situations or in Love when you look at yourself in the mirror and See God… Every time you feel grateful for your Life and for the amazing things you are co-creating… every time you can Feel what is happening somewhere else and wonder why… when you know what others are feeling and become able to help them out of their box… every time you see the concept of a situation and get the solution even before deciding whether you can do it or not…

you are being quantum.

You are being MultiDimensional. As you are talking to YourSelf and having an exchange of information with It. You tap into that Tree of Life you are and take anything you need into your Now. You get in contact with all the parts of your Soul and create a fair exchange of information. ¬†ūüėČ

That is the Magnificence of Your Soul.

For You Are the TREE OF LIFE!

Because your roots are MultiDimensional and your leaves are bringing that multidimensional lymph into the new grid of the Planet. Because that Grid is the result of Human Consciousness and the more Human Consciousness  becomes MultiDimentional the more does the Grid and Gaja itself. This is the EVOLution that is taking place right now. That is the EVOLution of the paradigm that shifted the energy.

That is the meaning of becoming a MultiDimentional BEing. It means you get more and more in contact with all parts of You! More and more! And the more you allow it to happen the more you fall in LOVE with it (that is YOU) and the more it happens.

It is not a fortnight event. It takes time. But it is happening. And all those that came to start the process are seeing it taking its first breath of Life on the Planet. FINALLY!

You see it in the way you perceive time as time changes its rules once you become able to tap into other parts of yourSelf. It seems to be going faster… more intense… more things happen in such a short time…!!


Because you are no more confined into a linear action. Now you can reach forth and back and it makes you feel as if you saved ‘time’. You do things you could not even think of doing only a few years ago.

And this is YOU! YOU did this.

Thank you Humanity. Now lets make it a good seeding.

Love, You ūüėČ

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