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The Unknowable Feeling of Eternity

To that what is limited to mind… Eternity. In mirroring eyes, In penetrating touch. In the silence of a Beat. The other side of me found in Eternity. The deepest side of me unveiled by the Mirror of a Soul.

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The Courage of pain

There’s bliss in pain… not of pain though. But IN pain, yes, though it’s for those that have… something… to see it. Bring me a human being that never experienced suffering… I ask for only ONE, and then I’ll be

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The only title I can give is: The Wonder of US!

Lying in bed and not able to sleep, not really sure what’s even happening but… pretty sure of what I’m not able to live anymore. Bullshit! I simply can’t take it any more or longer. I saw too many bright

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Found your twin flame?

Probably not… and you’re probably spending enough of your energy looking for it. Till you find one, THE one, who’s perfect and it is your real twin… until you move one cause there’s too much to it and one of you

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Lightworkers Unite

As usual synchronicity is at work and while I was trying to put words together Michael’s post popped up and as I could not use better words I simply pasted his. Which are mine too. En Joy the ride 🙂

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One – Dream
As we're all One, so it does not matter if it's you or me or whoever, it's still all part of a one fractal fragment of the One that is all. It's one sharing to learn, remember, freely share with my Self (you) part of my Self (me) to re-member the Whole during the New Terra co-creation. I dream about you and you dream about me, lets make it a nice and Loving Dream of co-Creation till full awaking.