You are not special… you are Perfect!

And any other thought you have about your self is not real and talks about the dream you are dreaming. Whatever you feel of your self but perfection is not TRUTH. For you are, ALL are, a perfect reflection of Creation.


For how could GOD (eternal Principle, Source, whatever Name you give to the Primal Creational Essence) create any thing not as Perfect as Itself? Not containing everything IT contains? Not being everything IT is?

The only thoughts of imperfection originate from man itself. From its original sin, his original forgetfulness. For GOD knows nothing about it. GOD sees only TRUTH and has no interest in seeing what man makes of itself when not in ITs consciousness. When in denial of itSELF. For GOD IS PERFECTION and cannot see less than TRUTH. When man is in man’s mind and not in GOD’s mind… then it’s not GOD, it’s a human nightmare. A man, trying to get something out of its life, struggling with its relationships, with its survival, firm in its belief that life is difficult and that man is far from perfect and provided with nothing but its own little mind to struggle with and a little life to conquer with battles intend of enjoying its Divine Surrender. And herein is where all lack, sorrow, loneliness originates from. Human mind believing in less. Human mind believing in a lie. Its own lie.

But that is not the TRUTH.

TRUTH is all are GODMAN and GODWOMAN. All are. No exception to this. None. Ever. The further away man seems from GOD the deeper it is asleep. So simply it is. All lies in simplicity. Man makes things difficult. It wants to understand things by cutting them into little pieces instead of allowing all to Be as it Is and have the experience of it. Man seeks answers far away when answers are already inside of man. Instead of allowing itself to swim in Creation it battles believing it’s drowning.

Fear makes man take instead to give and so it creates a world of takers and it never receives. It makes man hide into darkness instead of shine and be the beacon of light it Is, and so creates a world of dark places.

It looks in others to find errors to forget he’s walking in error too. Thus, it has the seed of Perfection waiting to bloom to the highest Glory of Life. It wants to be special, not understanding it already is perfect right now. Fear makes man build facades of himself, it makes him create masks over masks over masks for that is what man has learned to do… fake himself and dig deep into forgetfulness of its Glory. Man is not special, it’s a Perfect reflection of GOD, of Pure LOVE and Creation. For All of mankind, once it awakens, is a Special Gift of LOVE.

When it sleeps, it makes errors. Only when it sleeps.

And when it awakens… Heaven sings its glory as it Sees again and it becomes able to See that All of his brothers and sisters that are still asleep are not to blame but to give a Light. For if man sees that his brothers and sisters are still lost and drowning and does not shine a Light on them to show them the path by walking in front of them, then that man or woman is not yet fully awake and still tries to be “special” instead of Being the Perfection it Is. For Perfections SEES beyond, it SEES INSIDE, IT SEES TRUTH.

“Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain” simply means speaking about limitations when talking about GODs Perfection. It is vain. So do not think, feel or talk about yourself and others in vain as GOD is the Perfection in You.

Love, you.


BECAUSE IT SPEAKS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF LIFE Sacred Geometry is not Art, Sacred Geometry Is the very Essence of Life itself. It is the Seed and the Tree, the Fruit and the Whole Being. It is Art and the Artist. It is the Language and the Letters. It Is the nothing from where it all comes and the All that resides in that nothing. Sacred Geometry Is. You, me, all. It is beyond Art… it is the Laws by which Art (Life) exists. Engage with it to engage with and you engage with the Whole.

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