Lies Lies and more Lies

There are lots of advantages in not feeling the need to become a leader, or to have followers, or to get any sort of recognition from others.

You can simply be. No need to please anyone. No need to say or do the right thing. Simply Be in everyday life the best one can be. Not having to worry if the words are right or not.

I so wish this would happen to All. But, oh man, we’re still so so far away from it. And if your focus is still on some heavy duty illuminati stuff… put a mirror in front of the new ager’s stuff and then play the similarities game. You’ll see them overlap perfectly!!! BUT for one tiny difference ~ what so many call the illuminati are coherent.  They know their goal and do all they can to achieve it. The so called “spirituals” are not that advanced in their commitment! They are so very far from it.

They are drowning in their own lies, so committed to them selves and their image they lost the very reason they started this journey. They entered it to find the truth and ended up telling their lies. To themselves most of all, but of course in order to keep the image they built of themselves they have to go on with their lies bringing with them those that so eagerly follow them.

The gurus… of bullshit!

Sorry for that… well, not really. For it’s simply gone beyond decency. The amount of lies and more lies and then even more lies to keep up with the old lies… can’t you really SEE IT??’ I mean it really! CAN YOU NOT SEE IT?

We’re not talking about the truth of all being One, of All BEing a sparkle of God, I AM, All that Is itself, fractals of the ALL… We’re talking about all that has been put into that one salad to become such a mess that most of those in the “front” right now have become the biggest charlatans this planet has ever seen.

“I’m in 5D… I’ve ascended… I’m this archangel, I’m that one… I’m god itself… I’m this reincarnation… I’m that one… I’m pleiadian… I’m sirian… I’m from the 9th dimension and came to bring you home… I’m a master of this and that… SHUT UP! All of you! SHUT UP till you can at least be human. Once you’ve achieved that mastery, which IS A HOLY MASTERY, then move on to the next level of consciousness ~ for only THEN you can.

WHY? Cause like it or not you’re here, right now, in the middle of the writing of the new book of evolution. It starts with chapter one: how I became a human being. For THAT is the challenge! And god knows how few even start thinking of that… of the True Beauty of Human Beings. Of the True Beauty of Mastering a Soul in a body, in an emotional vessel able to feel polarities… so many are missing the real point of it all.

You already ARE!!! Without any label. Without showing up. Without words and in the silence of the Heart, through the little everyday actions, within and without… that is the place where you ARE all of the above! You can post as much as you like about how wonderful you are, how much you did for the planet, blah, blah, blah… but if you never let go of your high dimensional labels you won’t be able to SEE, and I mean SEE in each and every, yes EVERY pair of eyes you meet… YOUR SELF, that part of YOUR SELF that is GOD itself… and until you can do that… you’re no thing! You’re just words… and words… and words… an empty vessel, a broken chalice, a golden vase without flowers.

And words will never make you any thing. They simply create a tale one can believe in, or not.

Talk with your actions of BEing. Talk with the Flow of your Heart. And shut up for anything else. The Truth is silent. And tells every thing that is needed to be heard.

There is no place to change but the tiny tiny box that’s inside. That limiting thing where emotions have created the biggest fear of all: TO BE LOVED BY GOD. Well, breaking news: WE ARE.

You really want to change the planet. Change your self. Face your self. Face your fears (and if you really believe you have none left then face your illusion as the real courage, the real guts, means being able to admit you have fears! Period!). THAT is the only way to change the planet. By changing your self. By getting to know your self, falling in love with all aspects of your self. Not by waiting for saviors, ufo’s, disclosure… oh boy DISCLOSURE!!!! THE ISSUE of all times… Is there anyone out there who really, deeply believes anything would change if a few ufo’s would land? You are your own disclosure! It’s you looking in the mirror and having the courage of seeing through your eyes ~ the eyes of God. It’s merging with your shadows and your darkness to find out what you are.

And then find out that freedom is a state of being. Not a place, not a date, not a happening.

Listening to spirituals these days is like listening to CNN… watch out there’s a false flag about to happen, not sure when or what, but it’s imminent. Protect your self…. or: it is said that the real event is close… very close, buy food, shelter… tell everyone what to expect and how to prepare… be ready! It’s coming (guess what) SOON!!!

Well some have a very interesting understanding of soon… and the sad part is, they still go on, and on, and on waiting for the soon to come while giving them self away to anything that is not… the SELF, anything that is the “shadow of self”.

It’s like looking at children at a magic show… the magician plays and plays and plays and the children are in awe… wow, how can he do that… it must be real… I’ve seen no tricks! Guess what? It’s full of tricks!!! It’s THE TRICKSTERS GAME OF EGO. It’s called the tricks of the separated mind that feels lonely and needs followers. And the tricks flow and happen very easily when someone is in so much need of appreciation, followers and ego-istic needs. The trickster slams its needs onto those that feel lost and lonely, hungering with the real feeling there has to be MORE.

For there IS MORE. But it’s not outside. You bear that MORE right in the core of what is YOU. And if others can help facilitate (and no more than facilitate!) your process, there’s NO ONE HERE that is able to tell YOU how to go through YOUR process. Your discovery. Your path. Your experiences. And NO ONE should EVER tell you where you’re at. NEVER! For there’s no one path that is the same. And anyone pretending to lead you… is fake as a start. A real “leader” simply could never lead you anywhere. Real leaders will only wash your feet while you walk your path. And they would NEVER tell you right from wrong, for they KNOW it is up to you to decide, live and experience your SELF.

Yes, lets get rid of those bastards that took over our planet right? And then? Then what? What will change in you? Will you know more about your self? Will you feel more loved by God? Will you feel more free? To do what? How can you be free without knowing who you are?

You took your self away from you. And you’re the only one who can give it back to you. Once this is done… all is done. For once you do this… as all is One… you give your self back to all and everyOne.

The game is ready to begin. The rules are: play with your self till you really find out the Grace that lives in YOU! Till you finally fall in LOVE again. Deep, intense, all encompassing LOVE with your self. You might even meet your self one day. And I can promise thist: it’s gonna blow your mind forever!

Namastè, You


BECAUSE IT SPEAKS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF LIFE Sacred Geometry is not Art, Sacred Geometry Is the very Essence of Life itself. It is the Seed and the Tree, the Fruit and the Whole Being. It is Art and the Artist. It is the Language and the Letters. It Is the nothing from where it all comes and the All that resides in that nothing. Sacred Geometry Is. You, me, all. It is beyond Art… it is the Laws by which Art (Life) exists. Engage with it to engage with and you engage with the Whole.

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7 comments on “Lies Lies and more Lies
  1. Wayne Kotaski says:

    Very True………I have been saying this for years! Always being looked down on in response and being told that it is to bad I feel a certain way and I will know the truth when I am in touch with my higher self like them…………Hell….I have been in touch with my Higher self for a long time And I will follow my little voice within to the best of my ability…………Love to all

  2. Heyoka says:

    Wonderful post!!!!!


  3. soulspeak2013 says:

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate.

  4. DonaldA says:

    Thank You for this Re Minder!!

  5. Marcie says:

    Contradictory. ? ? ?

  6. JoyBender says:

    Well said sweet friend and self! Empowering and validating!

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