TRUTH is… you really want to BE it!

The human experience!

It is only a matter of remembering it… remembering why we came. Not to separate the spirit from the human but for the exact opposite reason: to merge Spirit with human. To Em-body as much Spirit as possible. How can it be any different? What would be the spiritual logic of em-bodying part of our Spirit-Soul in to a human body if the final goal was to leave it? To disregard it? To run away from it? To do anything we can to get out of it?

It makes no sense… And this is the real challenge! Understand…

But the feeling is you want to leave…  go Home… go back to where you Feel Love, Oneness, Warmth…the Prime Principle. You want to get rid of the feeling of loneliness, pain, fear, separation… of feeling human! Of feeling fragile and hurt-able. You want to Feel your wings again, or whatever you’re striving for that has no name – and you KNOW it is more real than this. But is it really more real than this? Does it not hurt when there’s pain? It does… and that is part of the Miracle of creation. Not the pain… but the ability to feel all of the above and still thrive for more and better. The Miracle is expressed in not giving up, in the Awakening of a remembrance… of the E-merging of a feeling that there is something more. The Miracle happens when a human being looks in the mirror and Sees more than simply flesh! Looks in his or someone else’s eyes and feels there’s a different Life in there… some where…

And then the awakening begins.

The search for answers, the search for “who am I?” and for “why am I here”. A long quest into a meaning that can never be expressed in words as the answers always come in feelings. And humans still have to learn how to master feelings as they keep doing what they have been doing for a long long time… search for answers where they think answers are: outside. In others… in leaders… in books… anywhere but inside. And so they learn a lot, find many ways and many answers but the only one they are looking for: WHO – AM – I ?

No one can answer that question for you. No one but you. For if thousand people would tell you… you still would not KNOW. As KNOWING comes from feeling your BEing. From entering that place where our physical body gets our permission to em-body our Spirit and communicates that feeling bridging our Higher Self with our Human Self into an explosion of LOVE. Then, and only then, you start Knowing. Then you start feeling the wonder! And then the thrive for “Home” becomes even more intense! Cause you finally got a piece of the cake you were starving to eat.

And that’s Divine!

And you want more… you want all of it… and you start disregarding your human-ness as wrong, blameful, harmful, limited… anything that praises the spirit and denies the body. You believe you came for some sort of punishment or drama or whatever gives you a sense of pain and in-justice, anything that makes you a victim of something for how can it be possible that I got into this place into this situation into this limited body, me? the amazing spirit I am? And on the other hand, as you Felt part of the LOVE you Are, you also climb the ladder of the superhuman being, where you came to save all and are part of the super duper rescue team. It is all fine. It is all part of the Awakening and Re-membering path that brings you closer to TRUTH. Using the super-duper to move on and the drama to justify halts. Super Angel with shitty outfit.

And that’s very much human.

Disregard what it has to look for something better. And missing that the BEST is already here.

Well dear human, that is the trick! That is what you came for. That is why you wanted to be here, you wanted to participate in this wonderful experience of Em-bodying your Spirit into the very body you are wearing right now! Not to throw it away as if it was an enemy. Not to treat it as if it was a mistake, or a wrong edition of a better version. In fact, the version you are using right now is the best version for you, here, in this precise moment. It is the very best body you could use for the purpose you came for. For the memory you bear with you, to enhance your awareness and serve you in the most Divine manner.

If you so choose.

In Spirit… all are Spirit. And you still are Spirit. Your Soul is still your Soul no matter what happens while you experience a human body. It does not change and never will. What you choose to live here however changes your perception, your abilities and your day to day outcome. It enhances your linear perception or it enhances your multidimensional perception of reality. It brings you further away from your Self or closer to It. For it is all real. Anything you perceive becomes real. For you.

You can Choose to use the Gift you have been given to em-body your Self or you can Choose to reject it and deny it. And whatever you Choose will not affect your Soul. For your Soul is eternal. And you are Eternally Loved no matter what. Because for as real as it feels to play the human game it still is a game, and as soon as you leave your body anything that happened with it will dissolve into the TRUTH of LOVE.

Until you come back. For you will come back. There’s no doubt about that. Not because you have to or because you need to for some sort of punishment. Because you want to! You simply want to become more. You want to reach that point called ascension where you really em-body the Love you Are and Shine through the dream of space and time. Where you break the wall of illusionary limitation by expressing through your human body a Higher Consciousness of God. This is what you want. And this is what is Granted to You by God Itself! And this is the reason why you go on over and over and over again until you reach that state of Consciousness.

This is why you, as a human being, are already Divine. No matter what you do, you Are Divine!

And the very Home you are longing for is right here, inhabiting your body, and that longing is the very Gift that was given to you to search for your Self. It’s all already at your disposition. For it is you. And you are Loved beyond imagination.

Love, you!

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Power of TRUTH


But what is LOVE? What is it if not being your full and complete Heart? Your full and complete Being? How can LOVE be expressed and Be if not by sharing and giving it all away? So much is said about LOVE. So much has been written about it. So many words and still so much to Be…

LOVE is not a good you buy. It Is. You have it. You ARE IT. And it can only Be by giving it. There is no other way. Give it. Give it all away and you will find yourself so full of it that you shall scream of JOY. GOD did not fragment itself out of loneliness, IT was not seeking company. IT was simply LOVE and Became even more LOVE. And the LOVE IT became was shared through all that is and became even more LOVE.

And even in the deepness of forgetfulness man Feels alive when it touches LOVE, even when it only gets to touch the human love it still changes its life. For it is the eternal breath of life itself. And those who pretend or believe they have reached the deepness of LOVE and struggle when a brother or sister is in need, those that cannot see though the pain of those who seek the TRUTH of the meaning of LOVE… they need even more LOVE than others. For they are lost into their own suffering and use an illusion to mask their wounds. Hoping in something that they have come to believe to be true. As all those that are lost have done.

LOVE has no agenda, no opening hours, and it does not care if things do not follow a script. It lives in the forever Now. To turn down LOVE or a request of LOVE means you are not accepting LOVE for yourself. To give LOVE means to receive it. All ways.

LOVE is not blind though, it SEES perfectly. It SEES beyond the appearances of human masks. And that is what scares man about TRUTH and LOVE. No masks can conceal what is REAL. And no masks can fake LOVE.

For LOVE is open, coherent, crystal clear, it says no when it’s no and yes when it is yes. It does not fake itself… and more than anything it does NEVER hide.

GIVE LOVE, give it all away. Give it to yourself, give it to others, give it to life, give it by gifting a smile, give it by sending a note or by leaving it somewhere, give it to nature or to animals, give it to your neighbor and your friends, to a stranger and in the mall, simply GIVE IT AWAY. And see how easily Miracles happen. In you, around you, for you.

That IS THE MIRACLE OF LOVE. That is TRUTH POWER. For that is what GOD in TRUTH IS. All the LOVE YOU ARE.

Love, you.

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You are not special… you are Perfect!

And any other thought you have about your self is not real and talks about the dream you are dreaming. Whatever you feel of your self but perfection is not TRUTH. For you are, ALL are, a perfect reflection of Creation.


For how could GOD (eternal Principle, Source, whatever Name you give to the Primal Creational Essence) create any thing not as Perfect as Itself? Not containing everything IT contains? Not being everything IT is?

The only thoughts of imperfection originate from man itself. From its original sin, his original forgetfulness. For GOD knows nothing about it. GOD sees only TRUTH and has no interest in seeing what man makes of itself when not in ITs consciousness. When in denial of itSELF. For GOD IS PERFECTION and cannot see less than TRUTH. When man is in man’s mind and not in GOD’s mind… then it’s not GOD, it’s a human nightmare. A man, trying to get something out of its life, struggling with its relationships, with its survival, firm in its belief that life is difficult and that man is far from perfect and provided with nothing but its own little mind to struggle with and a little life to conquer with battles intend of enjoying its Divine Surrender. And herein is where all lack, sorrow, loneliness originates from. Human mind believing in less. Human mind believing in a lie. Its own lie.

But that is not the TRUTH.

TRUTH is all are GODMAN and GODWOMAN. All are. No exception to this. None. Ever. The further away man seems from GOD the deeper it is asleep. So simply it is. All lies in simplicity. Man makes things difficult. It wants to understand things by cutting them into little pieces instead of allowing all to Be as it Is and have the experience of it. Man seeks answers far away when answers are already inside of man. Instead of allowing itself to swim in Creation it battles believing it’s drowning.

Fear makes man take instead to give and so it creates a world of takers and it never receives. It makes man hide into darkness instead of shine and be the beacon of light it Is, and so creates a world of dark places.

It looks in others to find errors to forget he’s walking in error too. Thus, it has the seed of Perfection waiting to bloom to the highest Glory of Life. It wants to be special, not understanding it already is perfect right now. Fear makes man build facades of himself, it makes him create masks over masks over masks for that is what man has learned to do… fake himself and dig deep into forgetfulness of its Glory. Man is not special, it’s a Perfect reflection of GOD, of Pure LOVE and Creation. For All of mankind, once it awakens, is a Special Gift of LOVE.

When it sleeps, it makes errors. Only when it sleeps.

And when it awakens… Heaven sings its glory as it Sees again and it becomes able to See that All of his brothers and sisters that are still asleep are not to blame but to give a Light. For if man sees that his brothers and sisters are still lost and drowning and does not shine a Light on them to show them the path by walking in front of them, then that man or woman is not yet fully awake and still tries to be “special” instead of Being the Perfection it Is. For Perfections SEES beyond, it SEES INSIDE, IT SEES TRUTH.

“Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain” simply means speaking about limitations when talking about GODs Perfection. It is vain. So do not think, feel or talk about yourself and others in vain as GOD is the Perfection in You.

Love, you.

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The Blessing of loosing everything

What better way to find a new road but by loosing the old one?

Is there any other way to change the old furniture but by getting rid of the one we had?

Can we drive a new car if we don’t get out of the one we’re used to?

Can we Be in Love again if we hold on to the illusion that we’re already in love?

Can we reach out for more if we think we have all there is to have?


For to get into a new room one has to cross the door that is between where one is and where one wants to be.

It all depends on what one wants. Stay with the known old or move on to explore the new. The illusion of control or the surrender to change. For change happens anyway: the car will eventually break, the furniture will eventually fall apart, the road will end and love for it’s own nature will hit again the deepest of the Heart.

Loose it… let it go… allow your soul to talk to you and tell you what it’s time to leave behind, allow yourself to loose whatever there is to loose and swim in the blessing of change. Allow your Soul, God, to be your map of surrender and flow into His embrace as no thing that comes from Him can be of any harm for you as you are but his deepest Love and expression.

Challenges only come from resistance. Flow comes from acceptance and surrender. Not to any outside force trying to control you but to your True Soul that knows a lot better than you. The more life seems a mess the more your Soul is trying to whisper: “let it go, I’m taking care of your steps, allow me to guide you into the path of your self“.

And the Sun will rise again brighter than it was before. Learn your path and be blessed by the strength of your Soul’s whispers.

Love, you.


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The sin of sins

We walk in a world full of mistakes… most religions create mind programs that are put deep into people’s consciousness for their entire lives… and they are wrong. And that one mistake alone has created more damage to the human race than many others put together. The mistake is about the true meaning of the word SIN.

How much guilt, sorrow, despair, fear has the human consciousness been infused with that word? How terrible is any god that has been dressed with that fear?

“If you sin you go to hell”. True. Given that the real meaning of the hebrew word sin means nothing but

forgetfulness; to miss.

nothing to do with what you do or don’t.

It’s whether you are doing it in consciousness or out of unconsciousness. Are you doing it with a self-remembering or have you completely forgotten yourself?

So yes, if you sin you go to hell, as hell is what the perception of life becomes. For living in constant fear, guilt, inability to express oneself and be, looking at an old book to follow distorted rules is enough of a hell for anyone.

But once the real meaning is given back to it… life makes a little bit more sense does it not? We were born in sin… yes we were born forgetting who we are, missing ourself. But once you start to remember “go and sin no more”, Be yourself as what you Are. Be the Glory of expressing your Soul and the Joy of sharing your Love.

Killing is not a sin, it’s the outcome of the deepest pain one can perceive: forgetting that the one you kill is part of you and that by killing anyone you truly kill your self too. That is the sin.

Imagine if all got back to its original meaning, imagine if suddenly all started thinking, freely, about the truth of what they are. Imagine the glory of it and how fast the world could change!

Imagine if, instead of prisons, we’d build centers of remembrance, places where people are helped to get back their missing piece! Helped to remember why they did whatever they did… out of fear. For in truth there’s only one fear: the fear of separation, of not being loved, worthy, seen. Of being alone and lonely. Anyone that remembers can by no way do any harm unto others, for he or she remembers and harm can’t be done without forgetting.

So we look upon the sinners and want to punish them, but are we not guilty as much as them for not helping them remember? For not walking the path of presence with them? For as far as there’s even only one person on the planet that does not remember, until the very last one has left the “hell of sin” for its true self, no mission can be said to be over. For no one can leave the scene unless all pieces of the one go home.

And if anyone of you can’t wait to leave then you’re still in sin too, for you’re willing to leave a part of your self in the unconsciousness of who you truly are, and that means you’re still in illusion too.

Wanting to go “home” is a wonderful help to walk the path of remembering, but if you’re not able to look at your brother and sister, whoever they are, and hold out a hand and say “come with me, I’ll show you where home is” then your path is still unravelling. And the “original sin” is still in you.

Blessed be those that walk the path of truth for they see and know God, as God is in all and everyone. Hell is upon those too stubborn to see it and believe they’re separated from their brothers and sisters as they believe they walk a different path. There’re many streets but only one home: the kingdom within.

Love, You.

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Get the “I” out off the way… why???

So God gave you a body, a separated body! only to deny it.
It gave you personality, only to deny it.
It gave you Gifts, simply to ignore them; and the same happens with your needs…
You are not special, nor are you different. There’s no thing in you that makes YOU the way YOU are. There’s only a bunch of spiritual “I-less” robots walking around the planet and following the good guru instructions. (ones that, for some reason, always seem to have an “I”!)
Cool place to be… around humans! So many souls… all giving them selves away cause God made a mistake…
Can you FEEL how little sense it makes?
Oh yes, i forgot all is one…! Well I’ve bad news for you: no thing is one until you are One with your self. And that is a road that has been created FOR YOU to walk on. That is the road you Choose to walk on. That is part of the Why we come here no more as one. And no one will come down from the sky to teach you YOUR way home. YOU are the one that has been given all you need (I said NEED) right inside of your Core by God it self as part of YOU.
That is the You/I so many are trying to get rid of. You can’t! It’s one of the very reasons you are here. To Explore Creation using That part of the one you have inside right Now and here.
Listen to your needs carefully, with Love and Compassion. There’s nothing wrong with using the I, for God gave you that I to experience it. Once you master all that you are supposed to master… It will simply be gone as it is in that very I that you will Find the All. It’s a long long walk, but it’s worth it if you allow your self to walk it deeply!
There’s no way of finding ALL by leaving out the very peice you are supposed to use to get there: YOU/I.
Give your self/I a chance…
Whatever you’ve done so far, it does not matter. You matter as the breath of God. You matter as You co-create life! And what You create for You you create for All!!!
So what do you Choose? To disappear or to shine as the wonder full Being you are?
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I am

I’m the seeker and I’m the answer

I’m the rain and I’m the wind, I’m the tempest and the quiet.

I’m the hand that holds your heart and the force that lets you go.

I’m the thief in the night…  though I don’t steal for I bring back.

All that’s lost and hidden far… I bring it blood to heal the scar.

I’m known by many names… the one I use is truth, the scar the world must heal from. 

I whisper in your ears and scream my name so far and wide… can you hear me? 

Can you feel the fear I bring? The crack that opens in your life? It’s not the pain of truth, it’s not me that’s hurting you… it’s the weight of lies that crumble over you! The weight of losing grip on what you gave away too soon… the truth of you.

To some a gift, to some a pain, thus I never come in vain. 

I change the world, I kill it through…. I give the chance to let illusion go.

Love, truth.

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Winds of change



Or may be they should be called the storms of change…

So much for souls to harvest right now! So much has been asked over and over again… change, freedom, life, love… and Now it seems to all crumble for so many all at once…


It’s the Change you’ve been asking for, for there’s no change without change. And that is the part that hurts, confuses, challenges a soul to evolve by letting its life unravel to the new for the harvest of the buried seeds. Those seeds buried long ago… they are sprouting. Now.

Are they going to get watered, the needed attention, are they going to be protected from the unravelling storm that blows all around them, or are they going to be left alone, in their fragility and sacredness?

Balance is, once more, the key to leaving the storm to its course. To let the rain pour down and clean the soil, for the thunder to break the sound of hell to upgrade to heaven and the lightning to light up the path… AND look after the sprouts of the emerging new life.

All at once, all together, all at the same time.


Only IF you want the new to grow.

Even as the new has yet no face, nor name, for every sprout looks the same when it comes out of the seed… it’s just green… two little leaves that look so fragile and thus are able to break the shell and the earth to bring new life… and that is the KEY.

A New Life.

So if the storm hits you… let it dance and dance with it. Get wet in it. Get struck by the lightning and become deaf by the thunder. Let it break your shell so that the sprout of your new life can come out and kiss the sun, for the first time… again.

Let it Be… or fight it… up to You… up to how much you truly Love… your self!

Love, You.

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Lies Lies and more Lies

There are lots of advantages in not feeling the need to become a leader, or to have followers, or to get any sort of recognition from others.

You can simply be. No need to please anyone. No need to say or do the right thing. Simply Be in everyday life the best one can be. Not having to worry if the words are right or not.

I so wish this would happen to All. But, oh man, we’re still so so far away from it. And if your focus is still on some heavy duty illuminati stuff… put a mirror in front of the new ager’s stuff and then play the similarities game. You’ll see them overlap perfectly!!! BUT for one tiny difference ~ what so many call the illuminati are coherent.  They know their goal and do all they can to achieve it. The so called “spirituals” are not that advanced in their commitment! They are so very far from it.

They are drowning in their own lies, so committed to them selves and their image they lost the very reason they started this journey. They entered it to find the truth and ended up telling their lies. To themselves most of all, but of course in order to keep the image they built of themselves they have to go on with their lies bringing with them those that so eagerly follow them.

The gurus… of bullshit!

Sorry for that… well, not really. For it’s simply gone beyond decency. The amount of lies and more lies and then even more lies to keep up with the old lies… can’t you really SEE IT??’ I mean it really! CAN YOU NOT SEE IT?

We’re not talking about the truth of all being One, of All BEing a sparkle of God, I AM, All that Is itself, fractals of the ALL… We’re talking about all that has been put into that one salad to become such a mess that most of those in the “front” right now have become the biggest charlatans this planet has ever seen.

“I’m in 5D… I’ve ascended… I’m this archangel, I’m that one… I’m god itself… I’m this reincarnation… I’m that one… I’m pleiadian… I’m sirian… I’m from the 9th dimension and came to bring you home… I’m a master of this and that… SHUT UP! All of you! SHUT UP till you can at least be human. Once you’ve achieved that mastery, which IS A HOLY MASTERY, then move on to the next level of consciousness ~ for only THEN you can.

WHY? Cause like it or not you’re here, right now, in the middle of the writing of the new book of evolution. It starts with chapter one: how I became a human being. For THAT is the challenge! And god knows how few even start thinking of that… of the True Beauty of Human Beings. Of the True Beauty of Mastering a Soul in a body, in an emotional vessel able to feel polarities… so many are missing the real point of it all.

You already ARE!!! Without any label. Without showing up. Without words and in the silence of the Heart, through the little everyday actions, within and without… that is the place where you ARE all of the above! You can post as much as you like about how wonderful you are, how much you did for the planet, blah, blah, blah… but if you never let go of your high dimensional labels you won’t be able to SEE, and I mean SEE in each and every, yes EVERY pair of eyes you meet… YOUR SELF, that part of YOUR SELF that is GOD itself… and until you can do that… you’re no thing! You’re just words… and words… and words… an empty vessel, a broken chalice, a golden vase without flowers.

And words will never make you any thing. They simply create a tale one can believe in, or not.

Talk with your actions of BEing. Talk with the Flow of your Heart. And shut up for anything else. The Truth is silent. And tells every thing that is needed to be heard.

There is no place to change but the tiny tiny box that’s inside. That limiting thing where emotions have created the biggest fear of all: TO BE LOVED BY GOD. Well, breaking news: WE ARE.

You really want to change the planet. Change your self. Face your self. Face your fears (and if you really believe you have none left then face your illusion as the real courage, the real guts, means being able to admit you have fears! Period!). THAT is the only way to change the planet. By changing your self. By getting to know your self, falling in love with all aspects of your self. Not by waiting for saviors, ufo’s, disclosure… oh boy DISCLOSURE!!!! THE ISSUE of all times… Is there anyone out there who really, deeply believes anything would change if a few ufo’s would land? You are your own disclosure! It’s you looking in the mirror and having the courage of seeing through your eyes ~ the eyes of God. It’s merging with your shadows and your darkness to find out what you are.

And then find out that freedom is a state of being. Not a place, not a date, not a happening.

Listening to spirituals these days is like listening to CNN… watch out there’s a false flag about to happen, not sure when or what, but it’s imminent. Protect your self…. or: it is said that the real event is close… very close, buy food, shelter… tell everyone what to expect and how to prepare… be ready! It’s coming (guess what) SOON!!!

Well some have a very interesting understanding of soon… and the sad part is, they still go on, and on, and on waiting for the soon to come while giving them self away to anything that is not… the SELF, anything that is the “shadow of self”.

It’s like looking at children at a magic show… the magician plays and plays and plays and the children are in awe… wow, how can he do that… it must be real… I’ve seen no tricks! Guess what? It’s full of tricks!!! It’s THE TRICKSTERS GAME OF EGO. It’s called the tricks of the separated mind that feels lonely and needs followers. And the tricks flow and happen very easily when someone is in so much need of appreciation, followers and ego-istic needs. The trickster slams its needs onto those that feel lost and lonely, hungering with the real feeling there has to be MORE.

For there IS MORE. But it’s not outside. You bear that MORE right in the core of what is YOU. And if others can help facilitate (and no more than facilitate!) your process, there’s NO ONE HERE that is able to tell YOU how to go through YOUR process. Your discovery. Your path. Your experiences. And NO ONE should EVER tell you where you’re at. NEVER! For there’s no one path that is the same. And anyone pretending to lead you… is fake as a start. A real “leader” simply could never lead you anywhere. Real leaders will only wash your feet while you walk your path. And they would NEVER tell you right from wrong, for they KNOW it is up to you to decide, live and experience your SELF.

Yes, lets get rid of those bastards that took over our planet right? And then? Then what? What will change in you? Will you know more about your self? Will you feel more loved by God? Will you feel more free? To do what? How can you be free without knowing who you are?

You took your self away from you. And you’re the only one who can give it back to you. Once this is done… all is done. For once you do this… as all is One… you give your self back to all and everyOne.

The game is ready to begin. The rules are: play with your self till you really find out the Grace that lives in YOU! Till you finally fall in LOVE again. Deep, intense, all encompassing LOVE with your self. You might even meet your self one day. And I can promise thist: it’s gonna blow your mind forever!

Namastè, You

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There are no answers

Only Life.

For any answer is in fact no answer at all. Only once we LIVE something do we Know. That’s the only way we can remember, move on, enhance our beings and bring this cycle to the rightful end.

Not by asking but by LIVING the answer.

Because we, our thoughts, our actions, our intent ARE the answers. Anyone can come and tell us anything they want or what we want to hear, but where does it go until we LIVE it? Into a belief which builds acts, thoughts, intentions…and even illusions. Especially illusions.

THE answer is far beyond any thought, it is your BEing. What are you going to make with your LIFE? What do you want to BE? Experience?

The question IS the answer! When the question is asked the answer is already there to be lived. We’re able to give an infinite amount of reasons to justify any answer we receive, and then start the whole process over again. We can, and we’re all good at it. But when it comes to LIVING… we’re not so good anymore.

It’s key to the Process… part of the surrender to the true nature of our Spirit. Trust. Live. Experience. Shit GO FOR IT! Whatever it is, whatever it looks like! It’s your journey, and it’s your path. And there’s no way one can learn or remember by following someone else’s path!

Freedom is not getting the right answer… it’s asking the right question and then LIVING the Answer. Deep from the inside out. It will change your world. It will change your perception. It will change ALL.

For that IS WHAT is BEING ASKED FOR: the experience of Life.

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