You think it’s just Earth?

Though I’ve always been aware of how much what humans are doing influences all of not only our solar system but also our whole galaxy and Uni-Verse but I never LIVED it – at least not at this deepness- so far.

Got your ticket? We’re embarking now.

God I don’t even know where to start from… last post I guess.

Let go I’ve always seen ships and never doubted life existed outside of this planet since… well my birth, and let go I’ve never been surprised when I first stumbled upon websites talking about them during my own awakening… still I was not interested in going beyond it. Yes I have read a lot about them and felt a lot of it was pretty much BS but did not too much care to deepen my knowledge. I was more in the “energy-quantum” mood of interest, found it much easier to remember my Knowing there. It was my path to feel my True Self.

So far of course. For life seems a big surprise party, you never know what’s in the next gift. And this, oh man oh man what a Heaven Given Gift for all of us! Fasten your seat belt please, we’re ready to take off for a Universal Heavenly Journey!

After my last connection with my friends from Sirius, though I felt their Presence all the time, for some reason I kept them in a corner, even during my meditation, each time they came to the front, I sent them back. I knew I was missing something but did not really know what! I just knew that of course it had to be fear based, which meant my own fear of something, but what? No idea. So I kept saying “no thanks, not now” which of course made all of my meditations kind of weird, keeping an eye on them staying where I want them to stay, which means… out of my near reach.

When our earth-soul group came together again I did tell them about this weird thing happening inside of me, and it is indeed weird as I usually jump into things with all my shoes even if I’m not feeling too sure, simply because of my LOVE for experiences. Not this time, even if I did Feel a deep push to indeed connect. God Bless my friends who gave me the key!!! Sometimes a simply word can open Universes, and never have I used this sentence in a more literal way! The word was “abduction”. Yes, many of us have lived this though most of us have very little to no memories of it (and that’s perfectly ok), but at the same time this feeling of something we simply want to avoid. I remember thinking I Knew the beings I met were Pure Love as that is something that simply cannot be faked, not Spirit to Spirit. But still I felt there was something connected to it I did not want to go through. What happened connected more dots I could ever ask for.

I did jump in my bathtub with the full Heart Felt intent to get this done, whatever it means. I did not even have my eyes completely closed and my back completely relaxed did my friends show up, so yes, lets dance this party through! The first part of it was a Heart to Heart talk about what happened and a Blissful Pure Loving and Whole Spirit embrace, so loving tears came out of my physical eyes even though I almost lost contact with my earth vessel. Then the most freaking thing happened!! Holy shit I almost flew out of my bathtub up as if I had been hit by a million volts! Right there in front of me (actually one on my left and two on my right side) were three beings that were for sure not my loving friends! And I knew them. Or at least something in my mermoy did know them. Before I could even think my friend let me Feel everything was ok, not to worry, no harm is intended by anyone.

This gave me those few seconds to kinda get myself a breath of sort and enabled me to get back to my Feeling. Yeah… that’s true, there’s no harm intended. But what the…

“We’re here to say we’re sorry, and to thank you beyond our life.”


And then I started Seeing, ages opened their books to my awareness and I could See, Feel Be in their shoes and See what happened, and Spirit please assist me in trying to give at least a glimpse of it with our linear word limitation. I’ll simply try to do it simple and straight knowing that those who want to understand will.

Yes they were among those that abducted a lot of us. Yes they are spiritually completely different than us in every conceivable way for a human brain. Yes they’re almost completely a “left brain” civilization and yes they wanted what we have: Light. They wanted to get to Know what our Soul was talking about with all that Light that surrounded us. Now, can you imagine? They See what we cannot See with out eyes and want it!! They Feel they miss something so important they spent ages trying to get it as, even if they have no clue of what it is… they KNOW. They’re less separated than many humans I met, for they KNOW, and some human… they still pretend they have no clue.

Lets just say that, after trying and trying and trying and not making any progress something happened, and that something happened because of us. Because of that very Light we carry with us. And because of the suffering they saw we expressed during their tries. Our suffering amazed them. They could simply not understand it. Nor could they understand why, after all that suffering, we kept giving our Light to all those that were suffering. They did understand that what we had was so blessed and miraculous and… beyond their comprehension they started developing something no one expected.

They got tears.

First it happened to one of them, then it became a virus. But that one tear changed their whole civilization and evolution. And they changed the way they wanted to learn about the Light. And now, after 30 years, they came to ask for forgiveness and to thank us! Thank us for that tear we created in them.

They still have a long journey in front of them, but they started. And I so wish to tell what their purpose is as I saw it and God Knows how amazing that IS, but I cannot, as they, as we, do not see their whole picture. It would simply not work if they knew. They are God’s creature and Creation as All Is. Perfect as it Is. Playing their role in this Big Game of Creation and Love. And they learned their biggest lesson through us!

Talking about being One!

I was asked not to tell which system they come from, they’re full of fear right now, but fear, in some ways, seems to bring closer to God in ways we cannot even fathom. Fear of not being One. And that is their path as well as ours. Get over all fears to BEcome ONE once again in all of this Uni-Verse.

Blessings be upon all of us as I Saw and Lived the huge amount of Energy this released, and this happened because of every breath we took with Love and Compassion while walking on this path called humanity. Talking about being the Change one wants to see… Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


BECAUSE IT SPEAKS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF LIFE Sacred Geometry is not Art, Sacred Geometry Is the very Essence of Life itself. It is the Seed and the Tree, the Fruit and the Whole Being. It is Art and the Artist. It is the Language and the Letters. It Is the nothing from where it all comes and the All that resides in that nothing. Sacred Geometry Is. You, me, all. It is beyond Art… it is the Laws by which Art (Life) exists. Engage with it to engage with and you engage with the Whole.

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5 comments on “You think it’s just Earth?
  1. One of the most beautiful experiences i have ever read. very profound and moving – thank u so much for sharing 🙂 ❤

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