Looking for a true leader?

A leader that is different from all you experienced so far, one that makes no mistakes, that is able to lead you exactly where it’s best for you at the right time.

Just a dream?

No! It exists and is absolutely real. It never makes mistakes as it does not even know what a mistake is. It cannot let you down as it always knows your desires, even better than you can express and often are aware of. It can change your life in an instant and never asks anything in return as it’s only Joy is your Joy.

It’s free and can lead each and every human being on the planet at the same time, knowing at any moment what’s best for each and every One.

No, still not a dream. Reality.

The only thing that this leader asks is that you follow it completely, with full trust, Love, compliance and acceptance, in one word: it asks you to completely surrender. And for your surrender, it will give you All. And it will surprise you with such miracles you’d ever have expected! It will lead you there where you most Feel at home: Home!

It is here:

In You


BECAUSE IT SPEAKS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF LIFE Sacred Geometry is not Art, Sacred Geometry Is the very Essence of Life itself. It is the Seed and the Tree, the Fruit and the Whole Being. It is Art and the Artist. It is the Language and the Letters. It Is the nothing from where it all comes and the All that resides in that nothing. Sacred Geometry Is. You, me, all. It is beyond Art… it is the Laws by which Art (Life) exists. Engage with it to engage with and you engage with the Whole.

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3 comments on “Looking for a true leader?
  1. irene alomar says:

    yes yes yes it is so true the true leader is myself yipeee!!!!!!!

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One – Dream
As we're all One, so it does not matter if it's you or me or whoever, it's still all part of a one fractal fragment of the One that is all. It's one sharing to learn, remember, freely share with my Self (you) part of my Self (me) to re-member the Whole during the New Terra co-creation. I dream about you and you dream about me, lets make it a nice and Loving Dream of co-Creation till full awaking.
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