The “way” Home


In order to “go Home”, which in truth is a state of being and not a place, you must first realize you need to re-turn.

Nothing that exists is but God, it does not matter how dark, evil, wrong and separated you believe it to be, it’s simply that, your belief. For what is the world but what you believe it to be? For what can you see but your projections? All that is simply is, you make a lot of fuss about it, put it into categories, decide if it is true or not and then fight for it, give it rules and lessons to learn to get anywhere. In other words, you make it difficult “out there” as you feel it difficult “in here” where “in here” is but your belief of separation.

And being separated from God and all that is indeed is… difficult, impossible, lonely, dark, as it simply is not real. It does not matter how many proves you create out there in the world to be seen, you are not and cannot be separated but in your mind making. It happened when you opened your eyes in this dream, you made a U-turn, instead of co-creating you started de-structuring creation into separated pieces. You believed you are the body you use to experience and thus you felt in danger. You began to protect your body as if it was really you, and to do that you tried to get rid of many other bodies, one way or the other. As if they were able to threaten you in any way. But as the Heart cannot do any harm, you made a U-turn and started living in your mind, not in The Mind of all that is and that is Infinite Consciousness of Love, you built a home you thought secure into your small human mind. And believed it was all you are.

Is that not funny?

And is it not amazing all the stories and tales you made up to prove yourself you were right! You created a past and a future, things that happened to prove you’re right and some -few- to remind you that you’re living in a dream. Then you made a path for you to go Home, thus you made sure it was a long one. A path of suffering and loss and that it had to be in that time, the future, so that you always had something to look at that was not here, where all already is. Present. You made helpers with whom you could walk with and called them many names, making heaven look like earth, and angels look like humans. You were looking for something familiar, both to your Heart and to your mind, but instead of using it to leave the dream you used it to stay in the dream and dress it as if it was a half-dream. It can’t. You’re ether awake and part of all that is, or you sleep and still part of all that is without knowing it. Even if you’re dreaming of the dream, you’re still dreaming.

You made up paths that are supposed to lead you Home, but keep walking in the same directions, one of separation. You simply changed the surroundings, made it look more pleasant, made some heavenly friends to walk with you and keep going. Where do you really want to be, what do you really want to experience? You can go Out into what you make of your projections or In into what is all that is. It would simply be a matter of direction… if such thing as “direction” existed in Creation.


For it’s not a matter of direction you’re going, it’s a matter of being. For you already are. Right now. You simply choose to be a projection of yourself and to experience that projection in a separated dream. And as nothing can in truth be separated, your connection is still here, now. You give yourself messages from your other selves expressions and believe they come from someone that is not you. You give your other expression of self different names and different evolutionary paths to believe you’re not already that or there. You project yourself again. And again, and again. And again you put your hopes in a future that will never be in order to stay in the present dream. For it takes a whole breath to be as you are now, One with Creation, One with the Infinite Consciousness that is all that is.

And you still do not trust that what you are, a ray of God itself, a ray of Creation, a ray of Love that believed it can shine without it’s Sun. You cannot, for you are that Sun. So why not shine as you are? Why go on living in a past you made to imprison yourself into a dark room and look at your light as if it was a little candle in the wind… you’re the light, the candle and the wind itself. For you are that what makes you feel good, or bad, you are your friend and your foe, you are your illusions and your truths, you are the day and the night, the seasons and the stars, you are the human and the god, the master and the student, you are the One that remembers and the One that forgot. You are the One you attack and the One you save, the One you hate and the One you Love. For you, in truth, are One. You also told yourself that change happens within, and that you are the One you’ve been waiting for, and that others are but a reflection of you, and that no One can save you but you… and still, you don’t trust your self. And still, you look out there to be guided in here. And you wonder… wonder why you cannot find what you’re looking for… You.

The fact is, you are already you. You are in all you see, make, think and believe. Who’s your brother and who’s your sister if not… you? What does One mean if not… One?

Who’s that master you follow… if not you? Who’s that being you hate… if not you? For as a single drop of hate -separation- lives in your mind, hate will be projected out there, somewhere, to be experienced, lived and kept separated from your self.


As long as you give “others than you” the responsibility of your dream, you tell yourself you don’t want to wake up. As long as your “going” Home is bound to something to happen, so long will you dream. For to bring humanity Home, all of humanity, the only thing you have to do… is bring your self Home. Turn from the outside mind projection to the inside Heart of all that is, let all that is Be the you that you are, and instead of expanding separation you will re-turn One, and dissolve the dream of separation and suffering. What you teach you learn and what you learn you teach, for there’s no One else but you.

This is why I write these words, to remind the you that is me I’m One.

With Love, you.


BECAUSE IT SPEAKS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF LIFE Sacred Geometry is not Art, Sacred Geometry Is the very Essence of Life itself. It is the Seed and the Tree, the Fruit and the Whole Being. It is Art and the Artist. It is the Language and the Letters. It Is the nothing from where it all comes and the All that resides in that nothing. Sacred Geometry Is. You, me, all. It is beyond Art… it is the Laws by which Art (Life) exists. Engage with it to engage with and you engage with the Whole.

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4 comments on “The “way” Home
  1. William says:

    Thanks for your clarity and ability to condense so much truth
    into so few words. Please continue….
    InLight…..Will I am

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